Integrative Approaches to Change


Embodied Mind NYC is an integrative psychotherapy and training practice in the heart of New York City. We integrate cutting edge treatment modalities with a sophisticated approach to growth and change. Whether you seek support with addiction/out of control behavior, ineffective relationship patterns, distress related to psychological, social, emotional, and/or physical trauma, or concerns around sexuality, our team is ready to support  you in getting what you want and need from life and your relationships.


Our Treatment Philosophy

Integrating western psychology, contemporary neuroscience,  and contemplative based mindfulness practice we approach the change process with authenticity, presence and care. Whether seeking to shift behavior patterns, navigate relationships, or manage stress our approach meets our clients where they are and where they want to go. 

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Our Team

We take pride in our continual growth and training as psychotherapists and mental health counselors. We take stock in and research contemporary issues that are perpetuating clients' distress, and stay on our toes to the ever evolving mental health needs of our community. Please meet our team here. 

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Men's Mental Health

Our team focuses on the unique needs of men in the modern world. More is expected from men than ever and old ways of coping with life's challenges are no longer serving.  Receive support and accountability in getting more of what you want from life and your relationships. 

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Our Practice

Located in the heart of lower Manhattan, we take a trauma-informed, integrative approach to healing, satisfaction, and wholeness.


"True change occurs when we become who we are, not when we try to become what we are not."

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