Therapy Groups


 Men's Groups

Being a man in today's world is rife with challenges.  Managing these challenges in the face of stress can often perpetuate our isolation.  Isolation can lead us to deal with our uncertainties through other means that eventually get in the way and just perpetuate our dissatisfaction.  

Unfortunately, most of us never learned to effectively cope with life's stress. We have often been taught to stay steadfast in the face of challenge and put our needs of support aside. Without effective support we remain isolated and resort to behaviors that may provide temporary relief though ultimately leave us feeling dissatisfied and has lasting consequences to our health, finances, relationships, and communities.   

  • Feel lost in your purpose or direction?

  • Sense passion though feel stuck in following through or taking that next step?

  • Feel caught on the wheel of momentum with little time to reorient or reflect?

  • Find yourself returning to familiar behaviors and patterns to “unplug” though ultimately are left feeling dissatisfied?

  • Desire to be a part of a community of men dedicated to supporting and challenging each other to create the changes they would like to see in their lives?

  • Meeting with other men intentionally and consistently can provoke deep change. Historically, men have gathered with each other in various ways, though in our modern age, isolation has predominated or connection has been relegated to the bars. Lean into the support and accountability other men can provide as you commit yourself to your life, your relationships, and your responsibilities.

Days and Time: Various Times throughout the week
Cost: $480/8 sessions
Location: 111 John Street New York, NY 10038

 Women’s Mindfulness and Somatic Process Group

This group is appropriate for women interested in cultivating a body-mind based practice in community while supporting each other's authenticity and aliveness. Appropriate participants are seeking purpose and meaning, connection to others, emotional fluidity, the reduction of generalized fear, stress reduction, and increased relational confidence through strengthening of one's boundaries. Participants explore and address concerns around intimacy, relationships, sexuality, and meaning.  This group is highly experiential, integrating mindfulness, Somatics, creative arts, and psychodynamics. 

Days and Time: Tuesdays. 6:30pm-8:00pm
Cost: $480/8 sessions *Insurance reimbursement may be available
Location: 111 John Street New York, NY 10038

Trauma Resiliency Integrative Program

This series offers clients practical resources to cope with the lasting impacts of trauma on their mental, emotional, physical, and relational health.  Through education, theory, and practice, group members develop a Personal Care Plan that supports them in regulating emotions, tolerating distress, and managing their interpersonal relationships.  By integrating learning from Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Neurophysiology and Somatic Psychology, this educational group blends practical tools with an accessible approach in navigating day to day life.  

Group members develop:

•    A personal understanding of the Neurophysiology of trauma and its impacts on one's own body and mind
•    Mindfulness based strategies to observe present moment experiences
•    A strengths based, Personal Care Plan customized to support client's during distress, disconnection, and overwhelm
•    An understanding of the impacts trauma has on current relationship dynamics
•    Practical strategies to identifying one's relational needs, communicating these effectively, while maintaining self and other respect through dynamic boundaries
•    An understanding of the function of one's behaviors that perpetuate distress and develop creative resources to supplant these otherwise survival strategies

Days and Time: Various Times throughout the week
Cost: $480/8 sessions *Insurance reimbursement may be available
Location: 111 John Street New York, NY 10038